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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 21, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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all the way to hawaii? how could he slip past security? abc7 news is at mineta san jose airport. >> you know that stood between the teenager and a hawaii-bound aircraft was a six foot fence and a camera surveillance system that didn't sent out an alert the 15-year-old, shown here, survived oxygen deprivation and maui airport employees were stunned when he dropped from the wheel well. >> the few can explain how he survived a critical eye has been cast. six miles of fence, much of it
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only six feet high with wire at the top didn't stop the teenager from santa clara the airport maintains it he meets or exceeds safety standards. >> our fencing is one component. as is thousands that are trained to be alerted to security-related situations >> you can spot cameras here and there. then, who is watching the video? the airport says it's it has video of a person approaching at near darkness. >> it's my understanding the reviewed footage after being alerted to the situation. >> that is hours later the teenager was decision covered in maui. there is a administrator saying inspectors determine whether
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operators are complying with aspects of regulations they test for compliance regarding integrity requirements. however, skeptics wonder if the fence is a deterrent. >> pretty easy. just throw a jacket owe and jump over. easy. >> one lawmaker is calling for better security tonight. the congressman said today i have long been concerned about security at airports, still, the teen demonstrates vulnerabilities. abc7 news is live now with that part of the story. corn yell? >> climbing into the well is one thing. surviving a flight at 39,000
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feet is another. the journey began here and experts we're talking to tonight agree that he's lucky to be alive. how much room is there? >> you can probably hit in a piano into the wheel well. but once gear is stowed retracted after landing there is not much room. >> jeff ti takes us inside of the laning gear in san carlos. when this comes back out, the doors open >> the front section of a 747 is the highlight here. >> if that teen was crying for help, chances are passengers couldn't hear him over noise and engines.
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>> 38,000 feet in an airplane. it's very thin people use oxygen bottles >> how did the teenager survive? we ask the doctor who says the teen is the talk of the er. >> i expect because he had a healthy brain he was able to survive this. >> the well of the aircraft is a hostile place. little oxygen. >> the brain doesn't need the oxygen when temperatures go down so he was sort of in a state of animation. >> the teen says he doesn't remember the trip. >> incredible. >> the on and off rachs to interstate 880 are closed. cruise are cleaning up after an accident spilled fuel on the
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road. 40 gallons of fuel spilled from the truck. chp says membering nal failure may be to blame for the wreck. >> parts of the bay area could get april showers this evening. sandhya, when and when we might get wet. >> it will be wet. not measuring in yu kaia. but parts of the bay area up north picking up a bit of moisture as you can see here. let me show you our computer animation we'll see sprinkles and by 9:00 p.m rain line moves in the north bay. into 5:00 a.m
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showers remain. don't ditch umbrellas we'll other chances of rain. >> thank you. >> golden state warriors plan to build their arena on piers 30, 32 but faced opposition they've now purchased land from sales for an arena m mission bay. this is a huge move >> but it's not a done deal. this site is not on property so there is no voter approval, no water front regulations. with much fanfare, the arena was revealed. arena was to be built at piers
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30, 33 but opposition began growing to the idea. opponents gathered to put height limits on the june ballot. prop b may have been the final straw. this weekend, the warriors signed a deal to move their arena location to a 12 acre site on mission bay. >> prop b covers piers and inside public land. it's a hill bit far enough away it makes it more acceptable. >> the supervisor represents the district saying reps have been calling her constwit twenties to talk about the change in arena plans. >> i do think that that this will be an easier process and less complexities
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that being said there are going to be issues we'll have to work through. >> and the mayor says this looks like a win-win. he mans to meet with the warriors and sales force to get more details >> thank you. >> lawyers were in court to answer charges for the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion the indictment seeks 6 million in damages the judge allowed the u.s. attorney general to request a higher amount than that. pg&e faces fines up to $6 million for the explosion. but in cases the attorney general may ask to amendment the
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dollar amount resulting in higher fines. the judge allowed prosecutors to ask for more money if they can prove pg&e saved million buzz not maintaining the pipeline. >> so it can be in excess of $6 million. >> this explosion neighborhood. joe cashett is an attorney representing victims and shareholders. >> instead of putting money into the safety, they made distributions to executives. >> pg&e maintains no emmoiy violated law. >> we reaffirmed
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>> prosecutors refused to answer the question today. it's unlikely this case will go to trial. instead, pg&e expected to settle with the government. all moneys had been used to make improvements to the system >> the system is made safe so that nobody has to worry about what happened in 2010. >> the city has settled it's lawsuit against pg&e. many families have, too. >> still ahead here noernl city considers using it's powers to stop fore closures >> tonight the plans for a new museum in san francisco in a neighborhood with a history of culture and crime. >> millions of smart phones are
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stolen every year with that personal information. how to stop a phone thief. >> an impressive project built by student
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>> homeowners planning to pressure the city council to use a method to save people from foreclosure. hoping to follow the lead of a neighboring city trying to use
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the power of eminent laura? >> behind me those city leader as dopted their plan and have yet to use eminent domain to save a mortgage. supporters have come to neighboring cities like san pablo hoping to form a partnership. the loan increased >> with the mortgage into the red, jenny thinks the controversial plan could be the fix for her and others that is using eminent domain to acquire and restructure mortgages of those facing foreclosure. >> good idea to do. that people can stay in their homes.
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now, people are just taking their homes >> this could be to help homeowners get into better mortgages >> eminent domain is the right of government to save mortgages. this is introduced as part of a larger prevention program. >> this puts cities and homeowners at risk. >> the association of realtors is opposed to using eminent domain. >> my feeling is that it's illegal. >> the mayor told us there is no formal proposal. >> it doesn't make sense.
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there are other programs to help home owe owners to get out from underneath this issue >> the city council must take another vote before using emmeant domain the council well have to approve it by a super majority. five of seven votes. >> a former firefighter accused of hitting a motorcyclist driving drunk appeared in court today the 43-year-old was in court for arraignment on a dui indictment. this is the first video received from the fire department he's accused of hitting a motorcyclist in june. you'll see the moment of impact right there. here it comes the motorcyclist is across the
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street and crashes. >> the mayor joined neighborhood leaders to intro produce the tender loin museum. this as well as the role in civil rights movements. it's slated to open in to 15. >> tonight 49ers have a new field and it's home grown. take a officials say earth stays green longer and can help player as void injury.
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>> etc. stronger, holding up roots better. >> what brings this to life is the turf. >> pier ten started with 106,000 square feet of grass on thursday. it looks like a football stadium. >> yes. >> perhaps just perhaps. everyone going to see showers i'll explain what i'm talking about here. they have seen green showing up. some is just up in the clouds. main system is well nornl of us.
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beautiful view. san jose, mid-60s. toordz the bay here, 64 in santa rosa. neighbors around concord, livermore, it is breezy. the camera is shaking. light showers tonight through tomorrow morning. milder weather for mid week. i'll show you where we'll see other chances of rain a cold front and showers that is very limited in moisture. clouds, sprinkles by 9:00 p.m .
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into overnight hours, like i said not everyone will get showers into overnight this is going to turn into a few inches of snow. do expect it to turn windy along the coastline. taking a look at rain totals we're going with 0 to a tenth inch. and speaking of morning wet weather will be just about over, you might want to give yourself a little time to get kids to school. or head to work because roads will be slippery. you'll need a jacket. a cooler day, upper 50s to 60s
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around the region. 60 degrees in san francisco. mid-60s around oakland and fremont after those drops a there is a chance of rain friday morning. another chance of showers going into saturday night. so i wish i can say it's going to rain but all i can say is there is a chance. >> thank you. >> coming up, the death of pat tillman. >> a fellow soldier that lived
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tonight a strong showing for netflix saying it added 4 million subscribers and made $53 million in profits and announced a 1 to $2 price increase but says it will not affect current customers for a couple years. at and t announced plans to bring super fast internet to the bay area. and it will rival what google is offering.
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it's 100 times faster, apple announced it will offer free recycling for apple products and plans to power offices and stores with renewable energy. and tesla model "s" goes on sale for china this week. today in beijing, elan musk says it will start building stars there in 3 to 4 years >> tomorrow marks ten years since the death of pat tillman. he left the arizona cardinals to become an army ranger. he was killed by friendly fire in 2004. it's not clear who shot tillman except it was likely one
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three fellow rangers he tells us the death might have been his fault. >> why do you feel accountable? >> i made a decision to fire. it was my responsibility. to pull the trigger >> he apologized to the family and says saying sorry feels inadequate. a program devoted to his life and career >> there is more still to come here. just ahead a climber in limbo after a deadly avalanche. what is keeping him from reaching the top. >> and at the finish line of the boston marathon. >> and race to find survivors of the korea ferry disaster. why teamses are
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iabetes, it's toalways have time i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [male announcer] glucerna... >> there is uncertainty about an
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avalanche at the top of mount everest. funerals held for the 13 people that died in the accident the guides, or sherp yaz are calling for a boycott on more excursions one bay area man is in nepal still wanting to go >> he left for nepal last month. it's an obsession him. at least still in touch. >> they used to say the jetty trumped the world the internet compressed it. >> at base camp, he is in the middle of a tragedy.
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it killed one sherpa guides and possibly more. >> his concern is that he won't make it back and his son won't have a father. that i won't have a husband >> susan, her son and sister-in-law instead of waiting on pins and needles it's pins and mouse clicks >> he's very driven and goal oriented and a successful person. the remaining guides are holding out for better death benefits. a thousand dollars instead of $400. it's a lot of money in that economy the window of opportunity moves closer. that is the second attempt on everest in two years the last tall mountain on seven
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continents he needs to conquer. >> now, i'm really feeling nervous about this avalanche. >> do you want him to go up? >> not sure. >> a shrinking world, massive mountain and a summit. so close, yet so far. >> if this tragedy has not happened my concern is that he won't come home. it's a big risk to climb mount everest. >> it's five days in may beings for anyone. if you're interested we'll attach a link along with the story. >> thank you. >> the boston marathon went on today without a hitch. nearly 36,000 runners very tight. two bombs going off. tonight with a million
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spectators the reporter attends a watch party at a place called forum. it's the same launch but a different day one filled with hope, moving forward the mountation coming back here to a spot that needs healing. >> we're here to finish what we've started and make new memories. >> they credit the support with a great come back. >> we reopened better, stronger. like the city, after today. >> there is that anxiety. coming back and we're with friends and family.
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you can't put us down. >> it will be good to have an amazing event today. >> now this year for the first time in three decades an american won the men's division. larry beil will have more on the race coming up in sports. >> here is how runners gave their support today. these are people of boston. the runners went throughout the marina and back. many wore boston blue and yellow colors. >> vice president biden is in ukraine today just as accusations spread.
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ukraine says it has photographic evidence of russian moscow denying accusations. >> if korean media reports 87 people are now confirmed dead, 200 still missing. moef of them students. soak president accused the perry captain and crew of unforgiveable behavior the captain told passengers to stay put last week the crew was the first to escape. this is video of the captain. he's now under arrest on suspicion of negligence. four others were detained today >> divers still hope to find survivors in that sunken ferry but for some, search and
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recovery is almost too much to bear. for these divers it's a race against time. the ferry marked by two buoys. >> we must find the air pockets. >> i have hope. >> that is fating >> we cry every day, searching for the missing people. >> i cry whenever i think about it. >> divers braving dangerous conditions, and almost 0 visibility. you can only see about 20 sent meters. they search for living and find
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the dead each day, more victims are pulled from the water and placed on ships, taken to shore. body after body. day after day. these divers don't give up. they say they can't give up. >> well, have you ever had your cell phone stolen? >> what a hassle. coming up, some of the steps to take before it happens to you. back in a moment.
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more thieves are going after your phone to get your phone and your personal information, too. >> now, some good things about stopping this from happening. >> yes. >> this is a problem getting worse. >> yes. >> thefts are way up based on a just-released survey kroeshths estimates the number of stolen phones nearly doubles in the past year to 3.1 million. also a million smart phones were lost, never recovered how can you protect your phone and what is in it?
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check this out. >> it's almost a panic situation. because they have all of the texts you've sent sent out. where you're going, what your schedule is. who you're meeting. >> a survey found half of the owners fail to take that precaution. >> strongest pass codes have eight digits and a mix of letters and symbols. >> what about getting your phone back? consumer reports says you'll have better luck if you think ahead >> sirp simple step? tape your e mail to the back of the phone. >> you can find your unique id. and krerts recommends setting up
6:42 pm
a find my phone account the survey found less than a quarter of the owners use one. go to google settings and click the device manager. with sure to activate access location. make sure you're signed into i cloud. if your phone goes missing sign in from a computer. >> look for phone on the map. if far away, push erase button. >> if lost and stolen consumer reports says change the pass word on your important accounts. and that is because you may need a police report then let your credit card companies know your phone is missing, too. >> it's amazing.
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>> scary. >> coming up next a student takes on an impressive project. >> x marks the spot. back in a moment.
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we have seen kick starter used to fund everything from space missions to new gadgets why it will be more than a lace to check out books. >> the can do attitude is at the core of of the cirriculum. now, in its third year the school has classrooms full of technology but no library. yet. we worked hard on this. >> they're leaving behind a gift. >> space gift. >> we use this to make
6:47 pm
everything here. >> from book shelves it started in a design class. >> it's humbling. so watch a 13-year-old that is now full scale >> they started on paper then plywood. things can float but here they have gravity, friction and resistance of real life. and splinters and needing to further. >> first thing is being able to do this together, and have fun. >> joy, power of working as a team. >> we need your help. >> they raised $78,000 on kick
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starter. >> it's a good tealing to know this is what you started. in berkeley abc7 news. sandhya patel is here. >> looks like showers. live doppler seven now just tracking moisture in the clouds. it's going to be cooler and breezy. if you're going to the a's game they host texas rangers mid-50s at 7:05. it's going to be clear.
6:49 pm
a chance of rain returns and another possibility of seeing showers saturday night. so in case you're look for the weekend, you know there will be a possibility of showers. yes. >> thank you very much. >> hets turn our attention to sports now. >> yes. >> good weekend game. we'll hear from david he and terrell pryer. he's got a new team. sports is coming up next.
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warriors stole game one from the clippers now they can get greedy taking a lead in l.a. tonight. didn't really make the case helped the the small line up is better than clippers small squad
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>> missing anderson is a huge piece of what we do. and biggest thing is being short handed focused on that more. >> continuing the beat l.a. theme, sharks have a lead on the kings after an amazing turn around. they're up two games to none tomorrow night. >> we're kidding our selves if we think it's going to be like this for seven games you know? we've been fortunate first two games. you know we need to get on there and making plays. and just to pump this up. >> yes. he has been terrific in the first two games of the series raiders decided terrell pryer was not the quarterback of the
6:54 pm
future. clearly he was a project and began as starter for silver and black. showed flashes with great speed. but struggled and had problem was reading lpga tour back in the bay area playing an event known as swinging skirts. she became younger to win on the tour at 14. i've been playing this one and knew what it had to take. so i've got a long way to go now. >> after the bombings a year ago this was an emotional day in
6:55 pm
boston. won the race she's now won the boston marathon three times. also, matinee baseball mike napoli with a run back. however, that is the ball game right there. here it comes, there it goes. two batters later more of the same. these are not cheapies.
6:56 pm
that is three run clout. another to charlie black and yanked in the second now, it's 5-0, rockies in the third. >> things looking good for warriors? >> you know i was surprised. i thought that small line up paid up for them. it comes down to steph curry and clay thompson. >> join me tonight at 9:00, apple green. a virtual tour of the new cupertino campus. >> and then at 11:00 truly boston strong. what a group did near the finish line that had spectators in tears. >> join us for those stories at 9:00 and 11:00. we have "dancing withes stars"
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and "castle". >> you're a dish customer you can see programming online or smart phone by using watch abc. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. thanks for watching. >> have a great evening, everyone.
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